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Korean Weight Loss Diet Review: Does the K-Pop Diet Work? – Healthline

The Korean Weight Loss Diet, also known as the K-pop Diet, is a whole-foods-based diet inspired by traditional Korean cuisine and popular among Easterners and Westerners alike. It’s promoted as an effective way to lose weight and look like the stars of K-pop, a popular music genre originating from South Korea. It also claims to… Read More »

Weight loss diet plan: This drink can help you shape up fast – how does it work? – Express

Weight loss is not easy to achieve and some people will try to shape up by following a structured diet plan or doing a workout. Diet and exercise are important when getting in shape, but there are other things which can be added to help slimmers reach their goals. Sipping on a particular drink could… Read More »

Bernie Sanders is making health care his defining issue. Will it work? – The Washington Post

DES MOINES — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is seeking to break through a congested Democratic presidential race by campaigning more aggressively on Medicare-for-all, a risky strategy his advisers hope will shift the contest in his favor amid signs he has lost ground in recent months. On the campaign trail, Sanders increasingly touts his plan for… Read More »