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Elizabeth Warren’s Health Care Plan Still Leaves a Lot of Unanswered Questions – Jacobin magazine

Elizabeth Warren has always been the best self-described Democrat in the presidential primary race. Apart from independent Bernie Sanders, she’s the only other candidate whose politics contain an inkling of class war and espouses an even remotely credible disdain for the financial sector. But as she has cozied up to the Democratic establishment as her… Read More »

Meal Plan for Cross-Country Moving

Packing and preparing to move out of a house and country that you have gotten so used to is challenging. The nostalgia of your early days hit you and you slowdown in the things you do because it seems as though you are consciously creating your last memories of this place. So, the energy and… Read More »

Weight loss diet plan: This drink can help you shape up fast – how does it work? – Express

Weight loss is not easy to achieve and some people will try to shape up by following a structured diet plan or doing a workout. Diet and exercise are important when getting in shape, but there are other things which can be added to help slimmers reach their goals. Sipping on a particular drink could… Read More »