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Pros and Cons of Herbal Medicine

Because of the high cost of doctors and medicine, numerous people turn to herbs and supplements to help stave off sickness and stay healthy. The medicinal use of herbs and plants isn’t new and can be traced to ancient times. But do they actually help? Are herbal supplements detrimental to your health? What are the… Read More »

Avi Yaron: The Young Engineer, His Inoperable Tumor and His Gift to Medicine

https://www.ibtimes.com/meet-man-who-invented-tech-cure-his-inoperable-brain-tumor-2142111 – 2004, Avi Yaron, after the procedure with Dr. Ted Schwartz, Cornell. IBTimes Imagine one instance that could thwart someone’s path forever. It was a path of urgency. Survival or death. The uncertain future was fueled by the agony of helplessness. This was how Avi Yaron, a young engineer, felt when fraught with the… Read More »