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Inside the ‘shed’ named Australia’s house of the year

A 110-metre farmhouse ‘shed’ in Daylesford has been voted Australian House of the Year at the 2019 Houses Awards. The Daylesford Longhouse, by architect Partners Hill, is touted as a ‘garden oasis’ set atop sprawling acreage and provides an innovative model for rural living. In a press release, jurors said the journey through the 110-metre-long… Read More »

23 Subtle Ways Your House Might Be Making You Sick

Your kitchen isn’t properly ventilated brizmaker/Shutterstock If your stove uses gas, you could be raising the level of toxic fumes while you’re cooking without even knowing it. “Carbon monoxide, a deadly gas released from gas stoves and ovens, can quickly build up in your kitchen, especially without proper ventilation,” Adler says. “Some studies suggest that… Read More »