Millie Bobby Brown Newest Celeb to Launch Beauty Line Florence by Mills, Will It Be the next Fenty by Rihanna?

By | August 22, 2019
Millie Bobby Brown Newest Celeb to Launch Beauty Line Florence by Mills, Will It Be the next Fenty by Rihanna?

Millie Bobby Brown launches Florence by mills (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Millie Bobby Brown is the newest celebrity to launch a beauty line after Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue and Lady Gaga. The actress is launching her own beauty line. After the success of her superhit Netflix show Stranger Things, Millie is now trying her hand in other ventures besides acting. The actress has already wowed most of her audience with her singing and rapping, and now we can’t wait to try her products. Her new line is called Florence by mills. Selena Gomez also hinted at making an entrance in the beauty industry when she trademarked her full name for a beauty brand. This Video of Harry Styles And Millie Bobby Brown Dancing At Ariana Grande’s Concert Will Brighten Your Monday Moods!

Millie Bobby Brown is ready to launch her own beauty range. The collection will have 15 products in its initial launch. The brand is focused on skincare and made, especially for young people who are just starting to get into makeup and beauty. It is ready to launch with face masks, face wash, eye pads, skin tints and lip glosses. The theme of her line looks very young and fresh. Millie introduced the brand with a short clip on Instagram and in her lengthy caption, she revealed she’s been working on the brand for two years. Everything in the range is supposed to cost anywhere between $ 10-$ 34. James Charles Tries to Score Collab With Millie Bobby Brown and Brendon Urie, Both Say ‘NO!’.

Millie Bobby Brown’s Announcement Video with an Adorable Caption

When Lady Gaga came out with her Haus Laboratories, people didn’t have a positive reaction. After all this time, makeup fans are bored and tired of celebrities launching their own brands. Will Millie Bobby Brown also face the same backlash after her launch or will her brand be the next Fenty Beauty? She does have a pretty loyal fanbase, so this might turn into Fenty Beauty for tweens and teens. The Instagram account for Florence by mills already has 350K followers.

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